Script Coverage

Screenplay Ninja

Russ provides 7-10 pages of in-depth notes on finished screenplays for a fee of $500.

It may sound like a lot, but you’ll be getting notes from a Lecturer at Chapman University, one of the absolute top film schools in the country, and one which is often considered the very top screenwriting program. His students are paying $12,000 per year just for Russ’s class, and they get the same depth and quantity of notes as Russ’s personal service.

Russ’s feedback covers everything from minutiae to big picture, focusing on character, structure, dialogue, tone, plot, theme, arc, formatting, saleability, and more.

Turnaround time: usually within 10 days.

Use the contact form to inquire about availability.



Russ’s insightful notes helped me finish in the Top 30 worldwide in the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowships with my very first script!
— Luke
I found Russ’ input to be invaluable. He was more focused, enthusiastic, and insightful than even my agent.
— Chad
Russell provided extensive notes with specific, actionable feedback for my rewrite. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking professional screenplay coverage and advice.
— Dave
Russ provided me with fantastic feedback. He went very in-depth and showed a great understanding of my material. I recommend his services highly!
— John
Really thoughtful, specific and actionable. There’s very little that I won’t seriously think through and much I’ll eventually implement.
— Carey
Thanks for the notes. Your detail is pretty amazing. Makes me wonder if I’m out of my league, but that’s never stopped me before.
— Don
Thank you SO MUCH for reading this so quick and for your notes! Your notes are so helpful.
— Lindsey
To be completely serious, your notes are still the best ones I received. I took a lot of your direct character notes and implemented them.
— Steve