clockwork corsair

With a touch, Roth can flicker objects out of the time stream—a useful skill for a pirate and a thief. Now all he has to do is steal the greatest treasure imaginable, and more importantly, the only item that might be able to save the woman he loves.

Galaxy's Edge Cover.jpg


When an A.I. awakens to a new reality, it must face the ultimate question of creator and created that plague any sentient species.

Guilds & Glaives Cover.jpg


When a master thief with the ability to inhabit the bodies of those he wounds is sent to steal the greatest prize in the land, he quickly learns that there may be more to his mission than he was told.

Second Round A Return to the Ur-Bar Cover.jpg


In this historical fantasy based on the true story of the battle of Alesia in which the Gaul Vercingetorix nearly defeated Julius Caesar, an immortal bartender must decide whether a chance at death is worth more than honor.

Future Visions Cover.jpg

toxo relationships

Tessa loves cats more than anything. But when her nanotech breakthrough eradicates the parasite Toxoplasmosis Gondii (the one that makes us adore our furry friends) her life becomes a hellscape, and she must do whatever she can to reverse her so-called cure.

The Motivation cure

When a budding sculptor undergoes a procedure that allows him to focus on his dreams, he quickly learns that success may not be everything he expected it to be.

"A very messed up and unflinching look at the fragile balance between creativity and productivity."

The Colored Lens.jpg

a hunt for gods

Jor refuses to die, because before he can pass on, he must know one thing: what comes next. And that’s a question only a god can answer. But so far, every god has been a lie. Perhaps here, on this distant planet, he will finally find his answer.

Among the dawn-red clouds

For Graydon Maze, there was no greater thrill than flying high through the clouds in his sky cruiser, until one day an act of kindness got him something he thought he'd always wanted. But with great gifts come great burdens...